Friday, April 8, 2011

Feed-the-Writer's-Soul Friday ~ Never Alone

Writing is a solitary undertaking. You can connect with authors online in so many ways, but writing, when it all comes down to it, is something we do alone. And while we don’t mind being alone, alone can sometimes be difficult. Sometimes alone in my own mind I battle my demons of self-doubt and fears.

I have found other writers to connect with through RWA online groups and workshops, but recently I found one more place-and that is through my local RWA chapter called River City Romance Writers in Bartlett, TN.

Now, technically, they aren’t local. I live an hour and a half from where they meet, but for me, the once a month drive is worth it. I visited the group in January, met the ladies of the group and had such a good time I joined the same day. Miraculously, I am getting to know about fifteen other people who do what I do. Write.

The benefits of membership in a local group are many, but here are my top few. (Can you tell I like lists?)

1) All of the members have more experience than I do, so I can ask them writing questions and most of the time they have answers. 

2) I recently was able to judge our contest, Dual on the Delta, which gave me, a super-duper green newbie, the chance to read other people’s work, which was wonderful! I hope to do more judging as I get more experience writing.

3) BEST OF ALL!!! This weekend we have the annual writer’s retreat. I’m so excited. Karen Docter and Deb Dixon are the guest speakers. We are also going to have an art time together and paint to help stimulate those creative juices. I've never painted on a canvas before. It’s my first writer’s retreat and it’s going to be fun. (Can you tell I’m excited??)

If you can’t find a local group to connect to, take heart. Those online groups can become a second family if you let them, like the Celtic Hearts. Find one that fits you and your writing.

And dig in and see if there isn’t a “local” group. If you’re willing to drive, there might be one out there for just for YOU!

~Michelle Muse


  1. These are perfect thoughts for a day where grey self-doubt seeps insidiously into and through Psyche's cracks. Yes, CHRW is a great group of helpful sisters, friends and writers. We're so glad you're with us, Michelle.

  2. Thanks Donna! If you ever need to "talk" email me. We can encourage each other together! :) I've been wrestling with my demons the last week or so. That self-doubt/negative talk is horrible!!! Working on that one.