Friday, August 12, 2011

Feed-the-Writer's-Soul Friday- Finding Your Voice

I’m hoping y’all can get something out of my disjointed notes. This was a workshop that I went to at Nationals. In the middle of this discussion, the presenters popped up a few pictures of hotties for us. Since I don’t know how to post picts to blogspot yet, I’ll give you names and you can do your own search…Chris Evans, Nathan Fillion, and Kellan Lutz. 

Finding Your Voice-From a workshop entitled Speak Up! Seven Steps to Finding Your Voice
**Nothing you write lacks meaning because meaning is in you. ~Anne Marie O’Connor

What is Voice? It’s you on the page.
Voice is shaped by:
1) Your background
2) Genetics
3) Choices
             -education goals
             -spiritual beliefs
4) Self-image-so it’s important to get to know yourself!

Find an editor/agent who fits YOUR voice.

Sit down and define your writing strengths and weaknesses.

How do you find your voice? 7 Steps:
1) WRITE-as much and as often as you can
            -be organic
            -don’t self edit during the creative process-do that in revisions
            -Read your own work-identify your strengths and weaknesses (see above)
2) Listen:
            -to what your instincts tell you
            -when you leave out voice the writing is flat-you want your work to be SPECIAL
            -give them something new-your voice is UNIQUE
3) Ask:
            -people you trust!
            -ask yourself what you like about your own writing
            -poll your crit partners, beta readers, any readers and ask them to give you 3 words that describe your writing
            Ie: “comical, intelligent, deep”
4) Blog or Journal
            -find topics that interest you
            -pay attention to your tone to see how you handle topics
            -look at your vocabulary
            -look at rhythm-how you break up sentences
5) Let Go
            -give permission to write what you want to write, not what you think you should write
            -let your character be free to say and do the first thing that comes to mind
            -when someone read your work and tells you they can “hear” it, that’s voice
6) Explore/Experiment
            -make the most of your writing
            -push the boundaries and try something new
            -work at your strengths and HONE them-make them sharp and shiny
            -shine first-THEN focus on your weaknesses
7) WRITE some more
            -once you establish what it is that makes your voice unique, hone it
            -write, write and write some more
            -plot stories that will showcase your voice
            -FINISH YOUR STORY

Chris Evans
Nathan Fillion
Kellan Lutz

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  1. That's a good rundown for finding your voice. I often think it's hard for us to define our own voice...we're too used to hearing it through a mental filter. I know mine is distinct, just like my speaking voice. But it always seems surreal to hear myself on an answering machine...'Do I really sound like that? Yikes.'

    As to the pictures, I've found the best way to insert them is to save them in a file or on your desktop, then add them in while you're writing your post. (There is a little button along the editing bar between the subject and main body box that looks like a cartoon picture, and it will let you browse for a pic to upload.)

    ~Angela Blount